I AM OFFERING A 30-DAY FUNDRAISER ON INSTAGRAM FOR THE HERITAGE WINOOSKI MILL MUSEUM. THE MILL MUSEUM WILL RECEIVE 100% OF THE DONATIONS. If you agree that we must support our more intimately-sized museums, then please consider donating whatever you can to this wonderful place. Thank you!! The Mill Museum at the Champlain Mill inContinue reading “TEASER VIDEO: NEW EXHIBIT AT THE MILL MUSEUM IN WINOOSKI, VERMONT”

“Greenhouse Living Machine” at a Vermont Rest Stop! Swap Poo for Cleaner Toilet Water!

As I was returning from my Bellows Falls/Rockingham visit last week, I stopped at the White River Junction, Vermont (northbound) rest stop.  I love this place with its greenhouse attached to the back!  Some background: “A new Vermont highway rest stop has blue water in the toilets as part of a “green” system that usesContinue reading ““Greenhouse Living Machine” at a Vermont Rest Stop! Swap Poo for Cleaner Toilet Water!”

Gorge Substation #16 in Colchester, VT

After I finished visiting St. Stephen’s Cemetery, I opted to drive to the end of Gorge Rd.  It changes from Winooski to Colchester, VT, by the way.  And what greeted me?  Gorge Substation #16!  Link here: https://youtu.be/fTVPtHAtzGQ. It’s not on Google Maps!  Google Maps shows the road as a cul-de-sac.  Heck no!  I could turnContinue reading “Gorge Substation #16 in Colchester, VT”

Richardson Place in Burlington, VT

Today’s video, https://youtu.be/bNhuPwmY-iM, is on Richardson Place in Burlington, VT.  If we’re old enough, we remember it as Abernethy’s Department Store.  As one of the three buildings at the top of Church Street, it is part of the Head of Church Street Historic District.  All three of those buildings, Richardson Place, the Masonic Temple andContinue reading “Richardson Place in Burlington, VT”

John Trono Block, Winooski, VT

Today’s video, https://youtu.be/dFIldVkhsmU, was a request from someone in the YouTube comments.  You’d be surprised how long it took to find ANY scrap of information, but here it is.  I found but one piece of info and it was from a pre-1993 Historic Sites & Structures Survey!  This is the John Trono Block in Winooski,Continue reading “John Trono Block, Winooski, VT”

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