GUIDED INTERIOR TOUR of Georgia Historical Society Museum!

I spent an absolutely delightful Saturday afternoon with Cindy Ploof, who is the President of the Georgia Historical Society. She offered me a GUIDED TOUR of the INTERIOR of the District School No. 8, which is the location of the Georgia Historical Society Museum. 4127 Ethan Allen Highway (that’s Route 7) is the address andContinue reading “GUIDED INTERIOR TOUR of Georgia Historical Society Museum!”

What’s Inside the Vault?

I recently visited the Hinesburg Village Cemetery in Hinesburg, Vermont. During my walk, I discovered this crypt…with ITS DOOR AJAR! What was I supposed to do? Let it go unexplored??? Heck no! So, join me as I offer a glimpse of what is inside. #travelingforhistory101 #vtgraveyards #cemeteries #cemetery #cemeteriesofnewengland#cemeteriesandgraveyards  #cemeteryphotography #cemeterylovers #cemeterywandering #cemeteryflowers #cemetery_shots #cemeteryvaultsContinue reading “What’s Inside the Vault?”

Heritage Mill Museum’s NEW EXHIBIT: Mill to Mall

“Come explore the Champlain Mill’s recent past! This exhibition tells the story of the public-private partnership that enabled the preservation and rebirth of a formerly derelict industrial building as a vibrant shopping center. Visitors are encouraged to add their personal memories of the historic space to the community recollections included in the exhibition. The showContinue reading “Heritage Mill Museum’s NEW EXHIBIT: Mill to Mall”


It is truly rare for me to have taken snapshots of the interiors of buildings this gorgeous. So, how did I get these? Back in 2017, a friend was working there. She had heard me play piano and knew that I enjoyed playing at nursing homes. So, she asked me to come over and playContinue reading “Ruggles House: INTERIOR PHOTOS!”

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