Butterfly Flitting

A few years ago, I visited the Tucson Botanical Gardens. (This was long before I had my YouTube channel.) The temperature was 97F, which is 36C! Regardless, I really wanted to visit the butterfly enclosure. Note: it was just as hot in there, PLUS, it was HUMID! It was still worth it! Please enjoy watchingContinue reading “Butterfly Flitting”

East Burying Ground aka Bradley Cemetery Addendum

When I visited the East Burying Ground aka Bradley Cemetery in Charlotte, Vermont, I was traipsing over leaves, which were everywhere.  I was there on a Saturday afternoon.  On Sunday night, I felt an itchy and burrowing sensation on my stomach.  I had never felt the second sensation ever before.  I lifted my shirt toContinue reading “East Burying Ground aka Bradley Cemetery Addendum”

An Industrious Spider

Today’s YouTube video is a bit of a departure from my usual fare. I still believe you’ll find it as interesting as I, though. Link here: I had just parked my car and noticed a very busy spider repairing its web.  A moment later, a moth has flown into the web and the spider RANContinue reading “An Industrious Spider”

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