Tractor Rolling By As I was visiting the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum in Vergennes, Vermont, I heard a loud vehicle approaching. I turned toward the sound and saw this blue tractor rolling by. I’d never seen a BLUE tractor before! Regardless, I thought it was neat. And I figured you’d enjoy seeing it, too.

Excavators & Mist Cannon Working Hard! All YouTube videos go live at 12:30 am Eastern Daylight Time. These excavators are moving dirt from one pile into another. They are working on the property where Burlington High School barely remains. The buildings are being demolished due to PCB contamination. Note the mist cannon spraying towards them from the right. The purposeContinue reading “Excavators & Mist Cannon Working Hard!”

Kubota LA481 Front End Loader Working! All YouTube videos go live at 12:30 am Eastern Daylight Time. I absolutely loved to see this front end loader on a tractor chassis working today! This thing could carry plenty!! I’m sure the two workers truly appreciated that as well. “The Kubota LA481 loader is available for Kubota L2900, L3010, and L3410 tractors.Continue reading “Kubota LA481 Front End Loader Working!”

Tree Chipper Powering Down…

All videos go live at 12:30 am Eastern Daylight Time. I have never seen a tree chipper powering down. Have you? I’m glad I filmed it because I enjoyed listening to the motor getting quieter. Hope you do, too. 😛

Lawn Mowing Backwards DOWN a STEEP HILL! When I saw this guy riding this commercial landscaping riding mower backwards and downhill, I KNEW I had to film it! Neat to watch, but I would NEVER want to do this myself! 😳 I’m a chicken!

Road Paving/Tarring Prep I heard a ton of noise outside. Friends told me there was road paving going on. I stepped outside and filmed nearly 3 minutes of footage. These 27 seconds were the best because the sun had set. Roadtec SB-1500e/ex: “The Roadtec Shuttle Buggy® material transfer vehicle SB-1500 features a low weight and narrower wheelContinue reading “Road Paving/Tarring Prep”

A-Building Clean-Up at Burlington High School

I decided to check on the progress of the A-Building demolition to see if they had finished the job. What I saw instead were 5 excavators on top the rubble moving pieces from one pile to another. It appears there is still a TON of work for them to do! I’m glad there’s rain inContinue reading “A-Building Clean-Up at Burlington High School”

A Building Rubble

I have been visiting my old school, BHS, to see how the demolition is advancing. Well, practically all of A Building has been demolished. It’s not completely gone, though. It appears some classrooms are still defiant. And admittedly, I’m glad. I understand it needs to come down. My inner child is giggling, though. The expectationContinue reading “A Building Rubble”

Burlington High School: Demolition Continues…

I wanted to see if A Building had been completely demolished. That had been the goal for the Saturday work crew. Although the auditorium is now rubble, there’s still portions of A Building still standing. Note the logo on the beam: Vermont Structural Steel Corp. How cool is that???

More Burlington High School Demolition

According to the Burlington School District, they expect the demolition to be completed very soon. A Building may be completely demolished by Saturday afternoon. That’s wild, but very likely doable. As you’ll see both in the video and photos, those machines have wreaked a ton of havoc already. And that’s what they’re supposed to do.Continue reading “More Burlington High School Demolition”