Remainder of Slate Mill

“The Slate Mill: In 1868, the slate company built a new mill for the preparation of purple and green flooring, billiard tables, sinks and washtubs. At the time the mill was constructed, it was one of the largest slate finishing mills in the country. The mill was powered by a waterwheel 24 feet in diameter.Continue reading “Remainder of Slate Mill”

GHOST TOWNS OF ARIZONA by James and Barbara Sherman: Book Recommendation

I have a book recommendation for you: GHOST TOWNS OF ARIZONA by James and Barbara Sherman. This book is absolutely FILLED with black & white photos!  The entries are in alphabetical order.  Plus, the authors decided NOT to include technical mining information.  Instead, they chose to focus on keeping the town descriptions short and interesting. 

GHOST TOWNS by Gary B. Speck: Book Recommendation

Today, I am offering a book recommendation. And that book is: GHOST TOWNS by Gary B. Speck. Full color photos fill the pages as well as just enough information about each town to whet ones appetite or to allow one to move forward quickly. This is a wonderful book to begin your ghost town journey.


In today’s video, I am offering some history on Bodie, California, a former mining town turned GHOST TOWN! I visited Bodie in August 2019 on Friends of Bodie Day. In order to attend, one must become a member. It’s a great time to go! There’s a lot of energy from like-minded Bodie Foundation members. WeContinue reading “BODIE, CALIFORNIA GHOST TOWN!”

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