“The Old English Barn”: Filled with FABULOUS Lincoln Farm Implements!!

I recently visited the Lincoln Historical Society Museum in Lincoln, Vermont. Rhonda and Lucinda offered a fabulous tour! “The Barn” is also known as “The Old English Barn” because it’s a post and beam structure. It is chock-full of farming implements, which had been used in Lincoln. Wait ’til you see what it’s filled with!!Continue reading ““The Old English Barn”: Filled with FABULOUS Lincoln Farm Implements!!”

Abandoned Farmstead?

I saw this abandoned farmstead as I was returning from filming. All I can tell you is that it’s on Route 14. Otherwise, I would be guessing as to its location. Behind the house and barn were another house and some other building, as I recall. Someone is using the back porch to stack andContinue reading “Abandoned Farmstead?”

Gordon-Center Dilapidated Barns

The Gordon-Center House’s barns are very likely part of the National Register of Historic Places buildings. Those three barns behind the house were built some time before 1930, about 100 years after the house. The State of Vermont owns the house, the barns, the Al Weed Fish Hatchery and the 10 acres of land onContinue reading “Gordon-Center Dilapidated Barns”

Abandoned Barns in Vermont

I have driven by these buildings for some time now. Still know nothing about them beyond their location. I do wonder why the land behind them is mowed and these structures are left alone. That said, there does appear to be newer metal doors on the front of the place on the far left. AContinue reading “Abandoned Barns in Vermont”