Hell’s Half-Acre Book Recommendation

From Amazon: Description: “One of NPR’s “Books We Love”New York Times Book Review’s “The Best True Crime of 2022” “Rich in historical perspective and graced by novelistic touches, grips the reader from first to last.”—Wall Street Journal A suspense filled tale of murder on the American frontier—shedding new light on a family of serial killersContinue reading “Hell’s Half-Acre Book Recommendation”

GHOST STORIES, Volume One by M.R. James: Book Recommendation

Description from Amazon: “Sir Derek Jacobi reads a collection of tales from the master of ghost stories, M. R. James, whose stories have for many years inspired the BBC’s A Ghost Story for Christmas TV adaptations. M. R. James was described as “a man who, in company with Sheridan le Fanu, is the best ghost-storyContinue reading “GHOST STORIES, Volume One by M.R. James: Book Recommendation”

The LOSS of the TITANIC: Book Recommendation

From Amazon: “Lawrence Beesley was a passenger on the Titanic’s maiden voyage and therefore a survivor of its tragic loss. In this audiobook he narrates the circumstances of the ship’s collision with an iceberg and the strange unexpected behaviour of the passengers, who found it hard to believe anything at all had happened.” I likedContinue reading “The LOSS of the TITANIC: Book Recommendation”

WICKED WOMEN by Chris Enss: Book Recommendation

Description: “This collection of short, action-filled stories of the Old West’s most egregiously badly behaved female outlaws, gamblers, soiled doves, and other wicked women offers a glimpse into the Western women’s experience that’s less sunbonnets and more six-shooters. [BEST STATEMENT EVER!] During the late 1800s, while men were settling the new frontier and rushing offContinue reading “WICKED WOMEN by Chris Enss: Book Recommendation”

Doctor Ice Pick: Book Recommendation

Description: “A haunting and true short story of the lobotomist who cut a brutal swathe through the lives of thousands of vulnerable Americans from the author of Miracle at Coney Island. In July 1952, Dr. Walter Freeman arrived at the gates of a West Virginia asylum. In his medical bag he carried two metal picksContinue reading “Doctor Ice Pick: Book Recommendation”

CHICKENHAWK Book Recommendation

All YouTube videos go live at 12:30 am Eastern Daylight Time. Join the LIVE CHAT! The chat lasts as long as the video plays. Let’s hang out!! Description: “With more than half a million copies sold, Robert Mason’s Chickenhawk is one of the best-selling books ever written about the Vietnam War. Critically acclaimed for itsContinue reading “CHICKENHAWK Book Recommendation”

Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs?: Big Questions from Tiny Mortals

All YouTube videos go live at 12:30 am Eastern Daylight Time. Description from Amazon: Best-selling author and mortician Caitlin Doughty answers real questions from kids about death, dead bodies, and decomposition. Every day, funeral director Caitlin Doughty receives dozens of questions about death. The best questions come from kids. What would happen to an astronaut’sContinue reading “Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs?: Big Questions from Tiny Mortals”

Things I’ll Never Forget: Memories of a Marine in Viet Nam Book Recommendation

“Things I’ll never forget is the story of a young high school graduate in 1965 who faces being drafted into the Army or volunteering for the Marine Corps. These are his memories of funny times, disgusting times and deadly times. The author kept a journal for an entire year; therefore many of the dates, timesContinue reading “Things I’ll Never Forget: Memories of a Marine in Viet Nam Book Recommendation”

Hell Before Their Very Eyes: Book Recommendation

“On April Fourth, 1945, United States Army units from the 89th Infantry Division and the Fourth Armored Division seized Ohrdruf, the first of many Nazi concentration camps to be liberated in Germany. In the weeks that followed, as more camps were discovered, thousands of soldiers came face to face with the monstrous reality of Hitler’sContinue reading “Hell Before Their Very Eyes: Book Recommendation”

Sunset Basic Plumbing Book Recommendation

“Easy-to-follow format provides basic skills and detailed information for common repairs and replacements. Step-by-step approach leads novice do-it-yourselfers through projects. Prestart checklists, pro tips, and safety hints help work go more easily and quickly. Projects feature alternative solutions to help DIYers deal with unusual situations. Most projects are presented in only one or two spreadsContinue reading “Sunset Basic Plumbing Book Recommendation”

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