The LOSS of the TITANIC: Book Recommendation

From Amazon: “Lawrence Beesley was a passenger on the Titanic’s maiden voyage and therefore a survivor of its tragic loss. In this audiobook he narrates the circumstances of the ship’s collision with an iceberg and the strange unexpected behaviour of the passengers, who found it hard to believe anything at all had happened.” I likedContinue reading “The LOSS of the TITANIC: Book Recommendation”

Interior Tour of the LOIS McCLURE with Jack!

From the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum’s website ( and is no longer available): “The Canal Schooner Lois McClure: The schooner Lois McClure is the Museum’s full-scale replica of an 1862-class sailing canal boat, based on two shipwrecks located in Lake Champlain. This replica project was initiated in 2001 with the goal to understand our region’sContinue reading “Interior Tour of the LOIS McCLURE with Jack!”

THE LOIS MCCLURE’S LAST DAY & Rowboats Made by Students!

September 29, 2023 is THE LAST OFFICIAL DAY you can visit the LOIS McCLURE at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum. IT WILL ONLY BE OPEN BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 10:30 AM TO 12 NOON! And it is well worth the visit!! There will be an Interpreter on board to answer questions or even lead aContinue reading “THE LOIS MCCLURE’S LAST DAY & Rowboats Made by Students!”