National Geographic History: Magazine Recommendation

I highly recommend the National Geographic History magazine. The magazine offers 6 issues each year. There are full-color photographs throughout, which are stunning. Each article is well-considered and -written. The articles are varied. If you enjoy ancient history, you’re covered. Middle Ages? Yep, covered. American West? Enjoy! And so many topics in between as well.Continue reading “National Geographic History: Magazine Recommendation”

Sports Fan!

I discovered this headstone as I walked a small section of Resurrection Park. Resurrection Park is the largest Catholic cemetery in the state of Vermont and opened in 1942, according to Find a Grave. This is the grave of Jim Crevier. Tell us you’re a sports fan without telling us you’re a sports fan, Jim!Continue reading “Sports Fan!”

Where Is My Usual Content???

As you have likely noticed, I’ve been filming videos that are holiday-related. Well, like many of you, I’ve been preparing for the holidays. So, where are my regular videos??? No worries. My regular topics are starting up again this week. Thanks for your patience as I enjoy these holidays, too!

Holiday Light Show

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! The owner of this house in South Burlington, Vermont offers a SPECTACULAR HOLIDAY LIGHT SHOW each year! Cars line up on both sides of the street and on the nearest side street to experience this event. In fact, he now has signs on the road in both directions informing drivers of the lightContinue reading “Holiday Light Show”

Murder of Crows A-Gathering

Years ago and long before I had my YouTube channel, I lived in an apartment building on the top floor. Every so often, a murder of crows would gather in all the trees, telephone wires and buildings. They would caw and caw and caw. Afterwards, they would suddenly fly as a flock. It could beContinue reading “Murder of Crows A-Gathering”

Sargie’s Potential Health Challenges

Sargie is my good-lookin’, sweet-talkin’ kitty boy. He came into my life in 2009, a few months after his predecessor, Boo, died. Sargie was at PetSmart from a Humane Society. Nine people wanted to adopt him and I was the lucky one who brought him home. When I brought him in for his first check-up,Continue reading “Sargie’s Potential Health Challenges”

Photos on Headstones

The day before I filmed this video, I was at Resurrection Park filming a variety of shorts videos. Resurrection Park is the largest Catholic cemetery in the state of Vermont and opened in 1942. All the Bishops were moved to this cemetery. I discovered two headstones with pictures. One had an engraved plowtruck. The otherContinue reading “Photos on Headstones”

Fresh Grave in the Cemetery?

The day before I filmed this video, I was at Resurrection Park filming a variety of shorts videos. Whilst there, I saw three men standing in an area with a path that had been cleared of snow. There was a machine behind them. So, I was wondering if they had dug a grave. Watch myContinue reading “Fresh Grave in the Cemetery?”

Woodbury Town Hall: National Register!

From the National Park Service: “The Woodbury Town Hall was one of the earliest town hall buildings built in Vermont specifically for this purpose. Built in 1842, it was constructed in a vernacular Greek Revival style, typical for town halls from this period. It is an important and well-preserved example of a small Vermont governmentContinue reading “Woodbury Town Hall: National Register!”

North Montpelier Historic District: State Historic Marker

Inscription from StateHistoricMarker: “This small community – once called Rich’s Hollow – was settled in the late 1700s and during the 19th century was an important cultural and industrial center area. Samuel Rich created North Montpelier Pond by damming the Kingsbury Branch to power a sawmill, gristmill, and woolen mill that operated until 1970. BusinessesContinue reading “North Montpelier Historic District: State Historic Marker”

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