Peter Stone: Union Army American Civil War

Peter Stone was born in 1843 in Saint-Georges, Canada East. He enlisted on January 21, 1862 and mustered in on February 12, 1862 as a Corporal in Company C of the 7th Vermont Infantry. Stone mustered out on August 30, 1864.

Someone applied for a pension on February 28, 1891 on behalf of a minor. It was not approved. (Minors had to be younger than 16 to be eligible for a veteran’s pension.)

Peter Stone died on January 27, 1875.



A sad accident took place at Ripton on the 27th of January. Mr. Peter Stone, whose house is in East Middlebury, went to Ripton to chop cord wood. He went into the woods in the morning, and with another person had fallen several trees which fell at random and crossing each other. Stone was standing on the body of a tree that was elevated somewhat from the ground, and under it was the body of another tree. In the course of cutting he slipped and fell backward, striking his head upon the lower tree and breaking his spine between his shoulders and the base of his head. He lingered nine hours and died.

Source: Rutland Daily Herald, February 3, 1875
Courtesy of Tom Boudreau”
Vermont in the Civil War, Lest We Forget

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