William Davis: American Civil War

William Davis was born January 1, 1831 in Southbury, New York. Whilst living in Baltimore, Maryland, he was drafted.

He mustered in on August 15, 1863 as a Private with Company C, 13th Massachusetts Infantry.

He deserted on October 4, 1863 and was located in Germantown Hospital, Pennsylvania.

William Davis spent the last five years of his life living at the Vermont Soldiers Home. The morning of his death on April 4, 1911, he was in the hospital there.

The newspaper obituary stated he had been an “inmate” of the Vermont Soldiers Home. “Inmate” used in that manner is equivalent to our use of the word “resident”. He was not incarcerated nor forced to live there. On the contrary, he applied and was admitted.*

*Information garnered from the Vermont Civil War website: https://vermontcivilwar.org/get.php?input=51407

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