Burlington High School Demolition Has Begun

BHS is contaminated by Poly-Chlorinated BiPhenyls or PCBs, for short. These are cancer-causing agents. According to the School Superintendent, these PCBs had leached into the concrete itself. There was no saving this high school.

So, the demolition of Burlington High School has begun. I know it’s necessary. It still hurts, though.

The demolition began on Monday, May 22, 2023. Given what I filmed in my last video, I had thought demolition would begin on that day. And it did.

As I filmed today, it was neat to see so many construction vehicles I don’t often, if ever see. Excavators were great to watch and the front loader, too. (Videos coming soon!) There were articulating boom lifts. (You’ll see just the one in today’s video. Other videos coming soon.)

A machine I’ve never seen before was the fog or mist cannon. That’s used on construction sites to dampen dust. That piece of heavy equipment was still running as I left about 45 minutes later.

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