BHS Concessions Stand & Training Room

I had never walked the Burlington High School Athletic Field before. The fence is usually locked. On April 1, 2022, though, it was wide open.

I saw what looked like concession stand windows, which they were. Walking a bit farther, I saw what I initially thought was an office. The sun was shining very brightly, which is why I couldn’t see! However, I did realize it looked like a medical kind of space.

I met a woman, shortly after rounding the corner. I inadvertently filmed our interaction. I’m stunned because I regularly pause the video whenever I come upon another. (Call it professional courtesy, if you’d like.)

You will not see our hear anything she said. However, I will say that that medical area is a training room. It’s her office area. It used to be part of the concession stand. Since the Booster Club lost its space inside BHS, they were given this space, instead.

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