Sargie is Worse

Sargie and I were supposed to go to the vet on Saturday morning. The boy knew something was amiss and hid. I looked everywhere I could think of and did not find him. So, I had to call to let them know that.

I had moved my car closer to my home because I didn’t want to carry him in the carrier too far. He may be thinner, but the combination is still heavy!

As I was walking inside, two things happened. The phone rang AND I saw Sargie near the bedroom door. As I answered the phone, I exclaimed “there you are!” and gave chase. I did not know he could still run. Heck! I did not know I could still run!! Didn’t matter, we were too late and had to reschedule.

The vet called me a few minutes later to check in and talk about my little guy. She explained that there was no need to conduct any more tests because they wouldn’t give us any more useful information.

She went on to say that I needed to keep a daily diary of Sargie. The purpose was to clarify his health. In essence, it’s to kill the wishful thinking piece. There will very likely come a time when he’ll bounce and seem like he’s improving. It’s a lie. It’s not called kidney FAILURE for no reason.

Also, if his aggression worsens, she wants me to reach out. She doesn’t want him to hurt me. So, if the aggression worsens, it may be he’s not feeling well and getting sicker. Thus, it may be time for her to “intervene”. And that means he’ll be euthanized.

On the extreme outside, I may have two months left with Sargie. Just thinking about that makes me cry. On the upside, I’ve already had fourteen YEARS. I’m greedy, I know. He’s been so much fun, though! And he’s always been too smart for my own good!!

I shall definitely enjoy our remaining time together.

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