Burlington High School Revisited

I returned to BHS to see what progress had been made. I filmed some shorts videos earlier in the week. The crew was hoisting wooden palettes up to the roof of A Building via a crane. It appeared they may be removing the HVAC equipment. Although I know now, they removed solar panels. Not sure if they plan to remove any HVAC equipment. I hate not knowing.

It’s my duty to update you on the saga of Burlington High School. I still have no idea when it will be demolished. I still don’t have a demolition date. Neither the School District nor EnviroVantage knows anything. Admittedly, I’ve stopped asking. Sometimes, that seems like the point…

EnviroVantage is the company that’s working on BHS. They’ve been removing the asbestos, which included both the floor and ceiling tiles. They’ll demolish the buildings and will remediate the soil, which is also contaminated with PCB’s.

I’ll do my best to film the demolition, too. I’ll likely not be able to film inside at all again. Even though I am holding out an itsy bitsy, teeny-weeny tidbit of hope.

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