Middlebury Falls with Close-Up!

There’s only a handful of urban waterfalls that I recommend to others. Middlebury Falls is one of them. It’s a wide 18-foot block style falls that you’d swear was dammed, but it is not. It also doesn’t hurt that the town of Middlebury is also one of Vermont’s most attractive small towns, replete with boutique shops, art galleries, and well-rated restaurants. Odds are good that after you park your vehicle, you’ll end up walking around town for a few hours, especially if you head west to explore some of the grounds of the campus of Middlebury College. We’re talking about one of New England’s most beautiful colleges here.

The town of Middlebury has done a commendable job of developing public space around the falls that afford views from several perspectives. Riverfront Park is a particularly lovely place and has great heads-on views of the falls. It also has walking paths, picnic tables, and a long pedestrian-bridge over Otter Creek. Even the buildings immediately surrounding the falls were in good shape on my last visit. That’s certainly not the norm, as many who have visited other urban falls can attest to.”-https://newenglandwaterfalls.com/vt-middleburyfalls.html

“Middlebury Falls is a great little waterfall located in downtown Middlebury, Vermont. The waterfall has a total height of about 20 feet and it can be found along Otter Creek. The creek flows strongest during spring when the snow melts and after heavy rainstorms.”-https://www.goxplr.com/places/middlebury-falls/#:~:text=Middlebury%20Falls%20is%20a%20great,melts%20and%20after%20heavy%20rainstorms.

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