Sam Spade Covered Bridge & Old-Time ADVERTISEMENTS!!

“Plug” tobacco is another word for chewing tobacco. In a tin of modern chewing tobacco, the user pulls out the size they want with their fingers. With a plug, the user cuts the size they want.

The Burlington Clothing Co. was located at 118 Church Street on the corner of Church and College Streets in Burlington, Vermont.

This store carried clothing ” for men, youths, boys and children!”, according to an advertisement from 1882. And yes, A.N. Percy was the manager at that time.

And below is the information about the bridge itself.

“The Spade Farm Covered Bridge, also called the Old Hollow Covered Bridge[1] is a covered bridge that crosses a storm drainage ditch off State Route 7 in Ferrisburgh, Vermont. The bridge is of Town lattice design built by Justin Miller.

Recent History:

The Spade Farm Covered Bridge was originally located in North Ferrisburgh, Vermont on Old Hollow Road (hence its other name). In 1958 a local farmer, Sam Spade, asked to have it moved to his farm after it was slated to be dismantled and replaced by a modern bridge. Despite the sign on the bridge stating a build date of 1824, historians say a date of 1850 is more likely. The bridge is still privately owned and falling into disrepair since it is no longer available for state or federal funding. Despite the disrepair, there are numerous examples of period advertising on the truss members.[1]”-

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