Send Me Your Questions!! 500 Subs=Q&A Video!

I currently have 389 subscribers. And thank you for subscribing to my channel! It means so much to me.

Once I hit 500 subscribers, I want to answer your questions. Please don’t DM me on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook or Twitter. I don’t respond to any of those.

Please DO leave questions in the Youtube comments. And/or send me an email:

Please note that I’ll not answer your questions until I reach 500 subs, but WILL be collecting them. As a BONUS, I am contemplating offering a LIVE VIDEO!

What do you think? Live video? Stick to what I do best? I’ve not offered a live video on YouTube before. That said, if you’ve watched any of the Preservation Burlington TV Shows, THEY are live as Ron Wanamaker and I are talking.

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