Sargie is Sicker

Sargie is sicker. There is no sugar-coating this. I must change his litterbox every 4 days now, compared to 5 days just last week. He has lost some more weight. I can feel it by holding him. I don’t have a scale to weigh him.

I had that dreaded talk at the vet’s about the cost of putting him down. The medications used (there are 2), the cremation and scattering of ashes will be $125.00. This is all very difficult and stressful, as you understand. Sargie is and always will be my “little guy”.

The first drug is to sedate him. Supposedly, he’ll still be aware of my presence. The second drug will stop his heart.

The vet will schedule this procedure for the end of their workday. I’ll have some time beforehand, all the procedure time as well as time afterwards. I know my writing sounds clinical. Please understand that I’m crying as I am writing this. I cry daily, to be honest.

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