Sargie’s Condition Has Worsened

Sargie’s condition has worsened. He IS still eating. I am feeding him tuna fish because he’s mainly stopped eating cat food. That said, after he finishes his can of tuna, later on, I’ll give him some cat food as a snack. He likes to lick the wet stuff off the top and will take a few bites. Some extra food is better than no extra food.

I’m still giving him his daily ointment treatment on his ears. I alternate them.

Last Friday, I went to the vet’s office. The office manager cum med tech was going to teach me how to insert a needle into Sargie’s scruff. The purpose was to inject him with saline solution.

Saline solution treatments could increase water in his body. Since the solution is delivered through the skin, it would be absorbed into his body without involving his kidneys.

I am supposed to give him these saline solution treatments every other day. The first day, I may have had a tiny bit of success. That said, my carpet was wet. Today, my carpet was SOAKED! Nothing got into the boy. That’s for sure!

Sargie is my second cat. Boo, my black cat, lived nearly to 16. He also had kidney failure. Sargie IS 16 and has the same diagnosis. Watching him deteriorate is excruciatingly painful.

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