Adam’s Hotel/Riviere Hotel WILL BE DEMOLISHED!

From the Saint Albans Register:

“The three-story Riviere Hotel, also once known as the Adams Hotel or Adams House Hotel, had served as a hotel since the 1800s before ultimately falling into disrepair.

Swanton Village had purchased the building for about $30,000 earlier this year with the aim of eventually redeveloping the former hotel, now a dilapidated structure discussed as an “eyesore” and potential fire hazard by members of the village’s board of trustees.

A 2017 brownfields study previously placed the hotel as a bookend to an imagined “Northern Gateway” for Swanton, incorporating it into an area framing River Street’s intersection with Route 78 as Route 78 crosses the Missisquoi River into Swanton’s village.

According to Nance, while there were historical artifacts worth preserving inside the retired hotel, little about the hotel’s current structure was “worth saving” from a historical preservation standpoint.

“We’ve already decided, from a historic preservation point of view, there’s really nothing left worth saving as a building,” Nance said. “There are things within the building worth saving, but with the building itself, there’s not much left historically that’s worth saving.”…”-

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