Sargie Update #3

Sargie is barely eating and has had 2 saline solution treatments. Please send positive thoughts our way.

He vomited all night on Wednesday. After talking to his vet, I brought him over on Friday for a bag of saline solution put into his body. Plus, she gave him an appetite inducer.

She sent me home with the appetite medication. It’s rubbed into his ear each day, alternating the ears. I had hope when I saw him eat nearly an entire can.

I got home from visiting friends and he was vomiting some more. I am trying hard to remain positive, but it’s tough.

Sargie is in renal failure. The vet doesn’t know how much longer I have with him. It’s crushing. I hate to see him deteriorate. I haven’t cried this much since my last cat, Boo, had the same illness in 2009. (That’s the same year I adopted Sargie.)

All I ask is that you send us positive vibes and good thoughts as we strive to get Sargie eating again.

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