Burlington High School Kitchen: To Be Demolished!

I was granted permission to film the INTERIOR of a few areas inside of A Building. These areas included the auditorium, cafeteria and gymnasium. I also filmed the kitchen and a very short video of the area where the switchboard operator, Pearl Milisci, had worked. I say “area” because that space had been enlarged.

This video includes the kitchen used for the students’ lunches. It also includes the Culinary Arts kitchen area where BHS students prepared food to sell as they learned their craft.

What had been the teachers’ lounge where they ate lunch was turned into a café. It was there where the students in the culinary arts program honed their skills.

I had never seen the kitchen beyond the section with the trays and the food placed on the sectioned plates. It was a treat to wander around. Given so many appliances had been moved and removed, I had to be mindful of things sticking out from the floor!

Compared to the other areas of A-Building I had both filmed and walked, the kitchen area was blessedly cool. It was too cool, according to my escort. Thus, they were working to repair the heat in that section.

The Burlington School District has sold some things, has donated others and are still cleaning an assortment of pieces that will be moved to the newest BHS.

At the current high school, employees cooked on gas stoves. The new school will use electric. That electricity will be created via geothermal energy. It’s very exciting that the high school will be using a renewable resource.

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