Burlington High School Cafeteria: Soon To Be Demolished!

When I attended Burlington High School, there were long and heavy brown tables used as lunch tables. In fact, when I sat for the SATs, those same tables were used again. Nowadays, round tables are the norm. Each seats eight students. I have been told that the cafeteria is actually quieter now. Students are no longer shouting down the table to students sitting at the far end, which created much of that noise.

The teachers had a separate dining area, when I was a student. I had graduated in 1983 and by the time I returned in 1989 as a substitute teacher, their lunch room had become a café. I don’t know where they ate after that. And the woman who escorted me also didn’t know.

I was so excited to dine with the teachers, only to discover that that space was a café. I felt deflated.

Someone in my comments stated that she had attended dances in the gymnasium. I attended them in the cafeteria. What about you?

The Burlington School District is cleaning all sorts of hard surface items to take them to storage in preparation for the new version of BHS. The school district is striving to save money, wherever the can.

Plus, they have sold some or re-purposed other items. To learn a bit more about that, tune in for the Kitchen video!

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