BHS Gymnasium

According to the woman who escorted me around A Building, the newer bleachers will be removed and used in the new gym. They may need to cut them down some because they are too wide.

I took two gym classes when I was at BHS. The first one was an aerobics class and the only song I remember that we did any moves to was Morning Train by Sheena Easton. I can’t make this stuff up! All that said, we didn’t actually do that in the main gymnasium we did that in some room off of it instead. Mrs. Economou was the teacher.

I am going to focus on the other gym class I took which was played in the gymnasium. And what was that class? I’m so glad you asked. It was Nerf Tennis!

I think the reason why the gym teacher wanted us to use Nerf balls instead of tennis balls was for these two reasons.

  1. In case someone were hit accidentally by the ball
  2. Worst case: Someone intentionally hit the ball into someone

I took Nerf tennis when I was a senior. My tennis partner was a freshman girl. She was fourteen or maybe 15 years old. The only reason I really remember her as vividly as I do is because she was pregnant. That may not be especially shocking today, but it wasn’t something I had really seen before. As you can imagine, as the class continued, she really started to show. I was getting afraid that even the Nerf tennis ball would be too much if it hit her. It is stunning to think that her child is now 39 or 40 years old.

As much as I may want to wonder where the time went, I know where it went. We all do. As for me, I worked. I had fun. I traveled. I aged.

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