Burlington High School Auditorium

As I was recording my video in the Burlington High School auditorium, I had wanted to share stories of my time in the Drama Club at BHS. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and it was out of my control. Thus, you will be able to find those stories right here. I shall share stories and hopefully, you will enjoy them as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing them with you.I was granted permission to film the INTERIOR of a few areas inside of A Building. These areas included the auditorium, cafeteria and gymnasium. I also filmed the kitchen and a very short video of the area where the switchboard operator, Pearl Milisci, had worked. I say “area” because that space had been enlarged.

This video is of the auditorium, stage and wings.

I thought visiting the High School again would feel cathartic. On the contrary, I felt nothing like that at all. I was there to film some of the interiors of A Building. (Since the buildings are labeled A-F, let’s not confuse A Building for “a building”!) Tom Flanagan, Superintendent of Schools in the Burlington, VT school district granted me permission to film the auditorium, gymnasium and cafeteria. I also filmed the kitchen, which I had never seen and the switchboard operator’s office. The latter has changed dramatically because it was enlarged.

Ahh, Drama Club… I think in all the time I spent in Drama Club I was only in one play. Instead, I chose to be on the stage crew. I remember during one play, the stage crew was tasked with putting a short set of stairs on the stage. Unfortunately, I was stuck behind those stairs because the lights came up sooner than I thought they would. OOPS! Frankly, I thought those actors would never stop talking and the scene would never end! 😊 After all, all I wanted to do was get to the backstage area and get on with the show, so to speak.

Miss O’Brien, an English teacher, was the director of the plays and musicals when I was a student at BHS. Mrs. Kalinoski, a History teacher, was the choreographer. Try as she might, I never did understand how to “shuffle off to Buffalo”. Plus, there were countless other teachers who would also come in on weekends to paint and build to help. Considering all they were already doing, they really stepped up.

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