National Geographic History: Magazine Recommendation

I highly recommend the National Geographic History magazine. The magazine offers 6 issues each year. There are full-color photographs throughout, which are stunning. Each article is well-considered and -written.

The articles are varied. If you enjoy ancient history, you’re covered. Middle Ages? Yep, covered. American West? Enjoy! And so many topics in between as well. So well-researched, too. There is something for every History lover here.

If you’re like me and like to keep some of your magazines for research or to re-read fascinating articles again, National Geographic History magazine makes it easy. The spine is flat and squared. This means it is easy to find on your bookshelf. Plus, the primary articles are written on the spine. No wondering which magazine is which.

And no fears. If you read ARCHAEOLOGY MAGAZINE, you’ll still have plenty of diversity. So, read away!

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