Sargie’s Potential Health Challenges

Sargie is my good-lookin’, sweet-talkin’ kitty boy. He came into my life in 2009, a few months after his predecessor, Boo, died. Sargie was at PetSmart from a Humane Society. Nine people wanted to adopt him and I was the lucky one who brought him home.

When I brought him in for his first check-up, the vet told me he was somewhere between 1 and 2, but closer to 1. (Yes, in the video I stated he’s 16. That’s what the vet is saying now.) What I will say is that he still zooms, when he wants, especially if a treat is involved!

Why does she think Sargie could have diabetes? There are some factors.

-He’s drinking A LOT of water

‐He’s urinating far more often

-He’s overweight

-He’s male

-He’s over 13

She wanted a blood panel, which would cost about $200.00. That was on the heels of hearing about the extensive dental work he needs to the tune of at least $1,000! I am many things, but made of money is not even close to my reality.

So, in the end and after much discussion, I’m going to try to get Sargie to pee into a litterbox with special plastic litter pellets. They don’t absorb. I am to collect the urine and put it into a vial. After that, it’s a drive to the vet’s office to have it tested for glucose. If it’s there, he has diabetes. And if not, it’s very likely he has renal failure.

You cannot imagine how many takes today’s video required. I had to keep stopping because I was crying so much. I have no children because I never wanted them. Thus, Sargie is my baby.

To hear the vet tell me he’s reaching his “end-of-life period” broke my heart. It still does.

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