North Montpelier Historic District: State Historic Marker

Inscription from StateHistoricMarker:

“This small community – once called Rich’s Hollow – was settled in the late 1700s and during the 19th century was an important cultural and industrial center area. Samuel Rich created North Montpelier Pond by damming the Kingsbury Branch to power a sawmill, gristmill, and woolen mill that operated until 1970. Businesses included a blacksmith, shoe shop, cheese factory, distillery, two general stores, the Rich Tavern and the Nye Organ factory. A wooden bridge connecting the two sides of the village was replaced in 1897 by a metal pony truss bridge. A bridge with a steel grate deck that “sang” as vehicles crossed was built in 1936. This “singing bridge” was replaced in 2011. The village is listed on the Vermont State Register of Historic Places.”-

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