Expansion of JOANN’S Fabrics into Aubuchon Hardware

If you think you saw my dashboard during the filming of this video, DING! DING! DING!, you are absolutely correct! In order to get both the front of JOANN’S and the former Aubuchon’s storefront in the frame, I would have to stand in the busy parking lot.

It’s Christmas time, people! I am not into instant weight loss caused by a driver who didn’t see my bright pink down jacket and squished the fat right outta me! Thus, why I sat in my car and filmed away…

Aubuchon Hardware had occupied that space for 20 years. I had gone there on December 26, 2021 to purchase my annual bag of sand. That is when I found the letter on the front door announcing the store had permanently closed.

All that said, I am happy for JOANN’S. I’m thrilled they are making so many sales that they’ve opted to expand into such a large space. Good for them!

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