Blocked My First TikTok Follower

I had a new follower on TikTok! It’s thrilling when someone likes my work so much that s/he decides to click the follow button. Plus, in the 9/11 Memorial video, I had asked my audience what they had been doing on that day. And this same man responded. That’s also exhilarating. I enjoy most interactions.

That 9/11 memorial did not describe the event itself. I have an international audience. Plus, this catastrophic event was over 21 years ago. It was necessary to explain what happened. And I did.

My new follower on TikTok “respectfully” disagreed with me. He told me no plane had hit the Pentagon.

I considered my response carefully. Telling someone they are wrong never works. So, I found a reputable website and quoted from there and cited it. It’s what I do.

His answer was to use all caps. In effect, he was screaming at me. He told me I was wrong. That didn’t happen. He included things about the January 6 insurrection. His over-the-top reaction was stunning.

My decision and reaction were swift. I immediately blocked him. The beauty is we cannot see each other’s accounts or postings. Hallelujah!

My advice to newer creators is this:

*Don’t argue because it won’t work
*Be decisive
*Act swiftly
*Don’t look back
*Create a video, if you wish!

There’s no need to be a victim.

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