I know I am beyond fortunate that 329 of you have subscribed to my YouTube channel. I am so thankful that it’s hard to put into words how grateful I am.

I strive to film interesting places for us. Upcoming are some cemeteries, more buildings on the National Register of Historic Places and maybe even a building that will likely knock your socks off, too! Thing is, I’ll actually have to park IN THE STREET to film it because there’s no side of the road! Cross your fingers and wish me luck!! Since I really want to film it, I’m going to do my best.

Given the fluctuations between 322 and 329 subscribers for the last 5 or 6 WEEKS, I am wondering if we could hit 340 subs by the end of November. What do you think? Is it doable? I think once we get above 329, others will join us. It won’t be that “scary vortex” anymore.

THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP IN MAKING THIS HAPPEN!! I can’t do this without your support because I create these videos for us.

Thanks again!!

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