Hyde Log Cabin Storyboard

From the storyboard:

“Jedediah Hyde, Jr. (1761-1824) surveyed the Grand Isle area with his father after the American Revolution. In 1783 he built his cabin near here. Settling in Grand Isle permanently about 1787, he and his wife Betsey raised their ten children in this cabin. It was subsequently owned and occupied by members of the Hyde-Jackson-Watkins family until 1941…

Post Office at Hyde Cabin:

Daniel Jackson, son-in-law of Jedediah Hyde, Jr., lives in this cabin from 1829 until his death in 1848. In 1836 he was appointed postmaster and distributed mail from the cabin until 1841.

Julia Jackson Watkins, daughter of Daniel Jackson, lived in the cabin for many years, attended District No. 4 School and taught there…

In 1946 or was moved to the present location and restored. The cedar logs are original with replacement chinking.”

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