Cowboys in Stowe Thanks to Chuck & Jann Perkins

Who are Chuck and Jann Perkins?

From Vermont Ski and Ride:

“Chuck Perkins, a University of Vermont grad, was working for J.C. Penney when he and his wife Jann decided to open the Alpine Shop in Burlington. They bought an old building, tore it down and rebuilt a small chalet-style structure. They lived upstairs, with the shop downstairs. That was 1963. Over the next 47 years, the Perkins (and then their daughter Peg and husband Scott Rieley) built the Alpine Shop into more than just a retail outlet. They sold it in 2011 to Andy and Becky Kingston.

The shop quickly became a hub of ski culture, sponsoring Warren Miller films, promoting events like the Sugarbush Triathlon and serving as a gathering point for skiers. Jann recalls: “We provided the kick-off for Bogner’s new line of Fire and Ice skiwear when it was first introduced with a huge fashion show, cocktail party and the Fire and Ice ski movie. Suzie Chaffee was even there.”

The couple kept adding on space and purchasing real estate around Burlington and Stowe. Along the way, they became avid fans of ski history and collectors of ski memorabilia. The Perkins have been active in preserving the history of the 10th Mountain Division (Chuck has been named an honorary member) and helped host a 25th reunion for the mountain soldiers in Stowe.

Because of the couple’s devotion to ski history, another collector, Roy Newton, drafted them for help with the Vermont Ski Museum. Newton, publisher at the time of an earlier iteration of this magazine, Vermont Ski + Ride, had started the Vermont Ski Museum in 1988 behind his office in Brandon. Newton asked Chuck to be on his board and after a few years, to help build it up. The Perkins gathered a number of their ski friends from Stowe and formed the Fore Runner Club. They raised enough money to purchase Newton’s collection and convinced the town of Stowe to lease them a condemned meeting house on Main Street. “We had just sold a house in Stowe at the time and Chuck announced he was taking all the proceeds and was going to devote them to restoring the building so it could be the Ski Museum,” Jann says. “We have been board members and life members since the very start of the museum, and we promise it will always be an asset to the village of Stowe.”-


Bradley J. Williams:

“Bradford J. Williams (Born 1948) is active/lives in Colorado, Arizona. Bradford Williams is known for Sculpture.

Raised in Eastern Colorado, Brad Williams is a self-taught artist, but success didn’t come easily. “Each attempt at a bronzed sculpture brought me closer to that reality of becoming a successful, self-sufficient artist. I remember many long nights of sculpting after working all day at something else.”

By 1991, Brad was one of the most sought after artists in his genre and the demand for his work became so great that he finally became a full-time artist. His persistence paid off and he has won several awards and honors in Oklahoma, California and Arizona.”-

Friends Drink First Sculpture:

“Quick Description:

A sculpture of a horseman and his horse

Long Description:

This bronze sculpture is the work of a very talented artist, Bradford J. William. This noted artist forged this lifesize monument in 2013 as number 8 of a series of 15. It was brought from Bozeman, Montana to Stowe, Vermont by Chuck and Jann Perkins.

The sculpture has a recirculating water fountain which fills the cowboy’s hat so he can let his 4 legged friend drinking some cool water after a long day in the wide open spaces.

Located at 3681 Mountain Road (route 108) on the Perkins front lawn, so people driving by can enjoy both the sculpture and the war memorial monument just besides it.”-

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