Emily’s Bridge is Haunted

The story of Emily’s death I share with you is the one I have heard told the most during the 45 years I have lived in Vermont.

You may want to note that the story of Emily’s demise includes at least four derivations. I’ll list them for you.

-She may have leapt to her death from the bridge.

-She may have driven her horse and buggy into the brook below.

-Her death may have happened later and she drove her car into the brook below.

It has been my experience that there is a kernel of truth in such tales.

Here is the story I have heard over the years:

Emily arrived at Gold Brook Covered Bridge to await her beloved. They were going to run off, elope and start a life together.

She waited. And waited. And waited. And waited some more. Alas, her beloved never showed.

As you can imagine, Emily was distraught. She was angry. She may have been desperate, too. She took the rope she had and threw one end over the rafter above and tied it off. With the other end Emily tied a noose, slid it over her head and tightened it around her neck.

Emily likely climbed up the bridge’s truss to reach the rafter. Once up there, she may have searched one last time for the love of her life. And he still was not there. She jumped.

After Emily’s death, people have reported multiple supernatural experiences. They include the following:

-Some car drivers have reported claw marks along the side of their vehicles. As if a ghostly hand had raked its nails along the side.

-Some who have walked through the bridge have experienced claw marks on their backs. (Thankfully, I did NOT feel that!)

-Some have seen lights.

-Others have seen apparitions.

-And some have even heard ghostly voices…

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