The Haunting of Highgate Manor

As I drove up to Highgate Manor, a feeling of dread came over me. It was stunning and did not end until I turned onto another road!

Captain Steve Keyes built Highgate Manor in 1818. The Keyes family sold Highgate Manor and its land to Doctor Henry Baxter in the 1860’s.

The doctor opened his practice in his home, which was customary at the time. He used one room in his home as his operating room. Apparently, there are blood stains still visible on the floor.

At least five of his children died before the age of seven. And they died from “strange illnesses”. Neighbors thought he was experimenting on his little ones and causing their deaths.

“…After the death of Dr. Henry Baxter in 1898, Philip Schmitt took over the manor. In 1917 it was converted into a vacation resort with great success. Many famous people, including Al Capone, were said to have frequented the manor and a speakeasy hidden in the basement.[2]…

The manor was one of the last stops for the Underground Railroad before entering into Canada. There are still tunnels under the manor that lead to the nearby river.[3] There have been reported sightings of an African American spirit near the manor.[5]”-

Think about that African-American spirit for a moment. Think about his fear of being caught and forced to return AS A SLAVE to the southern United States. Highgate is very close to the Canadian border. On the one hand, that African-American is so close to freedom, he can taste it. On the other, he could still be captured and returned to a life of slavery. It’s no wonder his psychic energy could still be present.

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