General George Stannard Birthplace Monument

This was the first time I had ever seen a birthplace monument. What’s interesting about it is that General George Jerrison Stannard’s actual house was just south of this location on Route 7 in Georgia, Vermont.

Want to know what happened to his house? Surprisingly, it did not burn down nor was it demolished. It fell into the cellar hole. I cannot make this stuff up!

Early life of General George Stannard:

“George Jerrison Stannard (October 20, 1820 – June 1, 1886) was a Vermont farmer, teacher, governmental official and Union general in the American Civil War.

Stannard was born in Georgia, Vermont, the son of Samuel Stannard and Rebecca (Petty) Stannard. He was educated in the public schools of Georgia, and attended academies in Georgia and Bakersfield. Stannard worked as a farmer, teacher, and foundry operator in St. Albans. Stannard also served as a noncommissioned officer during the Vermont militia’s activation for the Upper Canada Rebellion in 1838.[1] In 1856, he participated in organizing a new militia unit in St. Albans, the Ransom Guards, and was chosen as their first lieutenant. In 1858, he was selected as commander of the 4th Vermont Militia Regiment with the rank of colonel.[2]…”-,-Stannard%20was%20born&text=He%20was%20educated%20in%20the,Upper%20Canada%20Rebellion%20in%201838.

“Stannard was born in 1820 in Georgia, Vermont. He owned a brick foundry in St. Albans before becoming the first Vermonter to volunteer to fight in the Civil War. Stannard was injured several times, and lost his right arm during a skirmish at Fort Harrison.”-

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