Gilman Road/Gilman-Gaffney Cemetery

The featured image is of a completely snapped at the joints grave monument. Rather than offer the standard cemetery “pose”, if you will, I thought I’d give you a photo of a totally broken grave monument

Google does not recognize this cemetery. That’s a pity. I hadn’t tried to use Google Maps because a friend and I were headed elsewhere and just happened to be on Gilman Road. I’d mentioned there was a cemetery on the street and she was the one who saw it. Don’t know how!

The Gilman Road Cemetery is also known as the Gilman-Gaffney Cemetery. In 1811 it was first used. 250 people are buried there.

Notable person buried there is Thomas Butler, (1745-1815). He was a Revolutionary War soldier. (Let’s see if I filmed his grave!)

The cemetery is not easily seen from the road. There are trees that line the well-maintained dirt road with an entrance wide enough for single vehicle to drive into. There is no sign, either.

So many of the headstones are broken and/or have fallen. Most are unreadable. This cemetery has one of the worst broken headstones I have yet seen. Given there’s a plant beside it, I wonder if its roots are responsible. The monument has toppled backwards and at each joint broken apart. The monument was expensive.

The cemetery is beside a ravine. I saw no gravestones in it. That’s always a great thing!

Although the grass was cut, I do wish the headstones were cared for.

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