2 Mourning Doves on My Patio!


As I sat on my patio, a mourning dove flew in near me. I was surprised because they usually fly onto the sidewalk in front and then start eating from the gravel, where I sometimes sweep the nyger birdseed. They’ll eventually wander onto the patio to eat the freshest stuff!

Before I even realized it, a SECOND mourning dove had joined the first to enjoy the great tasting seed! For the record, nyjer or niger seed is expensive. One of my neighbors wanted to know, for instance, what I fed the birds because he saw how they flocked to my feeder. 🙂 It’s worth the price to watch the birds. Sargie, my cat, also enjoys the view!

Fun Facts:

“Doves are the same as pigeons.

Doves have feathers that are loosely attached to their bodies. If they’re grabbed by a predator, the feathers will easily fall out to help the doves escape.

Doves are strong fliers and can navigate well.

Doves mate for life. They breed during breeding season, but they remain with the same companion throughout their lives.

They don’t lay many eggs at a time. Female doves almost always lay just two eggs.

The cooing sound that’s associated with doves is usually made by the males. They do this primarily to try to attract their mates…”-https://petkeen.com/dove-facts/

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