Sounds of a Colorado Creek

I visited friends who lived in Nathrop, Colorado, back in August 2013. This was, of course, MANY years before my YouTube channel.

Ferg had driven us up to St. Elmo, a ghost town. That drive was harrowing! Imagine a spiral mountain dirt road, and yes, that road was a 2-way roadway! No guardrails, even though I could see the treetops as we gained elevation. Those trees were 50 to 60 feet tall, which is equivalent to 5 to 6 storeys of a building! Even worse, Ferg knew I was afraid and still moved the car closer to the edge. And no, there were no cars approaching us.

After spending time wandering St. Elmo and enjoying looking at the ghost town’s buildings and the many, many mining artifacts, which were for sale, we were finally back on that mountain road. Ferg saw a creek and decided to stop. He wanted to dip his feet in the mountain water.

And that’s today’s video. I filmed a few seconds of this creek because I loved its sound. I think you will as well.

Will you see Ferg? You’ll see a glimpse, if you’re lucky…

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