Colonel Sheldon and His Home

From the State Historic Marker:

“In 1776, at the request of General Washington, Elisha Sheldon was commissioned by Congress to raise a regiment of cavalry. Named the 2nd Continental Light Dragoons, the unit served with distinction throughout the Revolutionary War. In 1791, Colonel Sheldon, his sons Major Samuel, Elisha, Jr., and George, and their families came, with other families, from Connecticut as first settlers of this town. The town was originally chartered as Hungerford but the name was changed to Sheldon in 1792. The first meeting to organize the town was held in Georgia, Vermont. The large hipped roof house Colonel Sheldon built in 1795 stands on a nearby hill.”

The original name of Sheldon in Vermont, was Hungerford. That was the last name of the man who received the land grant. Within two years the town’s name changed to Sheldon.

Clearly, the original Sheldon Home is still standing. It stands at 1404 Main Street in Sheldon, Vermont. It was built in 1790. Its design is “a hipped roof late Georgian/early Federalist structure…”-from a house tour sheet researched and produced by the Sheldon Historical Society.

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