Leg Saga

The bandage is GONE!! The Nurse Practitioner was happy with the healing process of my wounds. And she decided I didn’t need another bandage! HALLELUJAH!!

I must be careful that I not scrub too hard and inadvertently scrub off the scabs in the shower or rub too vigorously when drying off. NOT A PROBLEM!! I do NOT want to wind up at the doctor’s office again over this!

That said, I’m not comfortable with the level of redness below the second wound. It’s been hot to the touch and warm as well. If it’s not any better by the end of the day, I’ll give them a jingle on Friday. Wish me luck!

Thanks for all your well-wishes! I cannot tell you how much they meant to me.

I’m back on the Traveling for History trail today, which I have missed. I am filming up north today with someone. It sounds amazing!

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