Full of Finches

Fun Facts:

Gold Finches are considered good luck and seem to remind humans to find joy in our lives.

They don’t mate for life, but rather, for one breeding season or nesting period. They have one brood in a season.

Their life span is 3-6 years. They do have predators that will eat them. These include snakes, cats, weasels and even blue jays, among others! (I did not know that blue jays would eat another bird. Did you?)

Nyjer is their favorite food. In my birdfeeder is ALL NYJER ALL THE TIME! I love to watch the finches dine! Piglets, though. They scatter seeds all over my patio. The upside is how many mourning doves and chipmunks come to eat. It’s great!

And in the United States, don’t try to keep any as a pet. It is against the law! The Migratory Bird Treaty Act protects them from capture, harassment and harm. (Perhaps those varmints I listed above should take note!)

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