Abandoned Train Station

Join me as I offer a walkaround of this interesting and abandoned train station. That bumped out building portion with windows was very likely used to sell tickets. Note the burnt parts on half the building!

I am inclined to believe I was in Dorset, Vermont and this may have been the train station called North Dorset. The Rutland Railroad ran along this line. And it was known as the “Main Line”.

In 1903, it ran from Noyan Junction to White Creek. Noyan Junction was located in Le Haut-Richelieu Regional County Municipality, Quebec. White Creek was in Hoosick, New York.

In 1928, it ran from Alburgh to North Bennington. The name changed from the Main Line to Vermont Division, Main Line Sub-Division.

And in 1947, it again ran from Alburgh to North Bennington. By this time, “Vermont Division” was dropped and it was known as the Main Line Sub-Division.

It was later used as a gas station in the 1960’s and ’70’s. It went into decline after that.

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