1800’s Graffiti Written in Stone at Mount Equinox Summit

“History of the Hearthstones:

The fireplace hearths at the Sky Line Inn are quite unique, and to tell about them one must delve a little into the past. In the late 1800’s it was quite the fashion to climb on foot to the summit of Mount Equinox by one of the several trails that then existed. The summit at that time had a number of rock ledges, but the stone was rather soft, and many climbers carved their initials or names on the outcroppings where they rested. After 25 years or so, this mountain climbing vogue seemed to die away, the trails became overgrown, and the ledges were gradually covered over by earth, moss and spruce needles. During the site cleaning that preceded the construction of the Inn in the late 1940’s, the old ledges were uncovered and many of the inscriptions, protected from the weather, were found to be almost as distinct and clear as the day they were carved. Because of their historic value, effort was made to preserve the best and clearest of the carvings, and after a number of unsuccessful attempts, a preservation method was found. Using a diamond studded circular saw, sections of the ledge were cut out and refitted to form the fireplace hearths in the lounge and in the dining room. This fireplace is modeled after the original Sky Line Inn fireplace. The hearthstones were salvaged after the Inn was demolished and have been reinstalled here. The Inn previously occupied this site.”-Display sign at Saint Bruno Scenic Viewing Center

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