Emerald Lake State Park: My Site!

Well, this was my home-away-from-home for the past couple of nights. A friend, he dog and I had stayed in a handicapped lean-to, which was her suggestion. So glad she knew about stuff like that! It was no more than 150 feet away from the bathrooms/showers and had a ramp with a railing until the lean-to! As you know, I use a cane. The ramp made it possible to access the lean-to with no issues. Not sure I could have stepped up into it otherwise.

The campsite was GORGEOUS! I mean, just watch the video, right?? The people before us left firewood and kindling, which at the time of filming, was $6 at the Park. Those same people left us a fire starter AND this nifty packet of fire color changer. That was too much!!

Emerald Lake State Park was easy to access and directly off the main road: either Route 7 or 7A, can’t recall which. Google Maps got me there handily.

There are multiple trails to enjoy as well. The price was fairly reasonable and our neighbors were quiet. Bathrooms were clean. Dispenser handsoap and paper towels were always full. The shower I used had a very weak stream of constantly and easily flowing water. Quarters gave me plenty of hot water! I awoke shivering, so hot water was a MUST!

I would happily stay again!

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