Lord’s Prayer Rock in Bristol, Vermont

“Lord’s Prayer Rock

When Joseph C. Greene was a boy and lived in South Starksboro one of his tasks was to take the logs from the mountaintop to the sawmill in Bristol. The 9 Bridges Road or the Drake Woods Road in those days was a terrifying ride. Not only were there 9 bridges to cross‚ but also the logs were big and apt to slide off the load. When he arrived at the “Big Rock” he knew his problems were over‚ so he said a little prayer and breathed a sigh of relief knowing he would once more get his load to the mill safely.

Years later when he was a practicing physician in Buffalo‚ New York‚ he and his brother took a trip around the world and after seeing the hieroglyphics in Egypt‚ he decided to come home and have the Lord’s Prayer chiseled on the rock that had given him peace of mind and a feeling of security when he was a boy.”-https://www.addisoncounty.com/about-bristol

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