Bristol Town Green

“Bristol Green

Our town green has been a central part of our village throughout its history. The Bristol Band has presented outdoor summer band concerts in the gazebo on the town green every Wednesday from June through August since shortly after the Civil War. Folks bring their lawn chairs‚ visit with their neighbors and enjoy the music. The green hosts 4th of July events‚ the Farmers’ Market‚ Movies in the Park‚ BBQs, the Bristol Harvest Festival and many other activities. The green is also home to an ADA-compliant natural playground.”-

“Historical Note

The following is from the Bristol Land Record: “…in consideration of the friendship love, esteem and good will we have for the town of Bristol we quit claim a certain piece of land about 1-1/2 acres of land for the express purpose of a public common and green and it is particularly understood that the selectmen of the town or any person shall not be at liberty to erect or build any house, shop or any building or fence the same up, or encumber in any wise by rolling logs or packing lumber, stone, brick, lime, clay, earth or dig up the earth. It shall be and remain as a public common without anything being built or laid there on. Signed Luman Munson, George C. Dayfoot. Dated April 21, 1827.”‘-

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