Shelburne Veterans Memorial

“The Monument was officially dedicated on Sunday, September 13, 2015. Dedication speech was given by Gary von Stange, Selectboard Chair.”-

“Veterans Committee
Purpose/Mission Statement:

Shelburne Veterans Monument Committee shall provide oversight of the Veterans’ Memorial, completed in 2015, located on the Northeast corner of the Shelburne Parade Ground. Oversight includes ongoing financial support, ceremonial activities, ongoing maintenance and sight improvements, and the development of programs that recognize veterans such as scholarships, etc. The SVMC will coordinate activates with Town officials, committees, and commissions, that use or have responsibilities for The Parade Grounds. Funds raised by the SVMC will be used exclusively by the SVMC.

Committee Functions and Sub-Committees:

The SVMC will further the mission statement (above) with the support of up to three (3) sub-committees appointed by and responsible to the SVMC.

1. Ceremonial – Applying federal and state policies and practices common to Veterans’ Memorials. Foster dignity and respect sought for such a memorial during celebrations and visitations. Attend to all matters applicable to displaying the Flag. Oversee the installation and ceremony for new memorial bricks.

2. Maintenance – Work with Town staff to maintain the condition of the monument site such as cleanliness, repairs, expansion, signage, etc. Seek external expertise when needed. Participate in the installation of new bricks.

3. Outreach – Provide fundraising support to cover the costs of ongoing maintenance, expansion, etc. of the Memorial. Work with Town Officials and agencies on cooperative ventures such as holiday activities so not to duplicate activities. Continue to publicize and inform the public about the memorial.

Reporting Requirements

The SVMC shall submit a written report each year for inclusion in the Annual Town Report; and will provide the Selectboard with a general update annually. The SVMC and associated sub-committees shall abide by all applicable accountabilities as public bodies.


Agendas are available prior to meetings…”-

“T.J. Boyle Associates, Landscape Architects and Planners, were selected by the Shelburne Veterans Memorial Committee to design a memorial for the eastern half of the Parade Ground, at the corner of Church Street and Falls Road in Shelburne, Vermont. The Shelburne Veterans Memorial Committee was created to realize the local desire for a permanent space within the Town of Shelburne that would honor veterans of the US military services.

The design concept focused on a space that compliments the character of the scenic Shelburne Village, and included materials such as granite and red brick to match nearby materials and character. A geometric star-shaped granite monument serves as the focal point of the space, and is a direct reference to the traditional five-pointed star used by the US military, such as for the Medal of Honor. Radial granite pavers emanate out from the star’s rays to the edge of the space, and these pavers are flanked by washed river stone as they extend through the planting bed, which allows for visibility into the space. Additionally, a dedication stone was included to mark the entrance, and all branches of the military – Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Merchant Marine, Air Force, and Coast Guard – are recognized.

The Shelburne Veterans Memorial was the recipient of the 2016/2017 Vermont Public Places Honor Award.”-

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