Remainder of Slate Mill

“The Slate Mill:

In 1868, the slate company built a new mill for the preparation of purple and green flooring, billiard tables, sinks and washtubs. At the time the mill was constructed, it was one of the largest slate finishing mills in the country.

The mill was powered by a waterwheel 24 feet in diameter. It had seven circular saws, a band saw, a jig saw, five planers, two rubbing beds and a jointer. The mill burned in 1870 and was rebuilt on a smaller scale.

In the 1880’s, Samuel Hazard, Jr., the former treasurer and supervisor of the slate company, ran the new mill and the quarries as the Lake Shore Slate Company. Hazard’s great-great-grandaughter, Martha Warren, left the slate company land to the State of Vermont.

Although the beautifully carved date stone is still standing, the mill walls are crumbling…”-Bomoseen State Park Slate History Trail booklet


Part of one of the walls of the Lake Shore Slate Company.

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